I Can’t

When our clients first move in, and we start to set up goals, we are met with responses like:

“I couldn’t possibly apply for that job. I am not good with computers.”

“I don’t take my kids outside. My son has autism and tries to run off.”

“I don’t feel comfortable taking online tests.”

“I could never get my GED.”

After 30, 60, 90 days they have been with us, the conversations sound a lot more like this:

“I got the job! And I told my boss that he better get ready. Next year, I will be his lead salesperson.”

“One of the self-care tasks that has helped me so much is taking my kids outside every day. I am amazed how it has changed my attitude. I feel healthier and less depressed, and the difference in my kids is monumental.”

“I made a 98 on my GED language arts test!”

“I will complete my GED by September!”

What a privilege we have watching these folks evolve and accomplish tasks they never thought they could do. Not only are they evolving, but they are also thriving! And, all the while, stopping generational poverty in its tracks.

Here are just a few more of the latest conversations, offered by the same residents after 60, 90, 120 days, conversations during mentoring class:

“Once I graduate tech school, I want to come back here and mentor your clients.”

To which another resident responded, “And when I graduate with my psychology degree from UNG, I will come back and counsel all of your residents.”

I absolutely believe they pay forward what you have invested in these families.

Thanks is not enough . . .