To ensure that our residents at Jeremiah’s Place continue their journey to lifelong financial recovery, Jeremiah’s Place has implemented a new Alumni Program entitled “Prosperity Tomorrow”.  This program was created to assist in the financial sustainability of the residents following their successful stay at Jeremiah’s Place and to ensure long-term economic independence. 

Prosperity Tomorrow inspires graduates of our transitional housing program to sustain and grow. Through the ongoing access to services first established during their stay at Jeremiah’s Place, Alumni will continue to receive support to achieve continued success outside the walls of our transitional housing while also remaining connected to the Jeremiah’s Place family. 
Prosperity Tomorrow consists of an on-going face-to-face and resource support program for an additional nine (9) month period following the residents exit of the program.  Our objective is for the resident to continue their long-term economic independence, and, in turn, return for help with programs on-site and, when applicable, participate in ongoing events at Jeremiah’s Place.

The Program Outline

Statistics show that it takes five years to overcome a trauma such as homelessness. Our program is designed to support families and individuals journeying through the healing process outside the walls of our current transitional housing program.

Prosperity Tomorrow is a nine (9) month program beginning immediately following the exit of a successful transitional housing stay at Jeremiah’s Place. To participate in the program, alumni are required to be employed, have transportation, and be able to maintain safe and secure housing for themselves and their families.  As an extension their previous transition plan, alumni will be required to develop and maintain a budget and will be required to save at least 10% of their income.

First Three (3) Months 
During the first 90-day interval, the individual alumni will meet bi-weekly with the Program Director to continue their individualized case management and to monitor progress.  If extra assistance is needed, the Program Director will work to provide individual support as needed or utilize our community partner resource list as a referral.  Research shows this is the most critical time of transition.  The Prosperity Tomorrow program will allow for Jeremiah’s Place staff to continue to “check in” on progress and identify any obstacles or challenges that may need addressing. Alumni will also be required to attend workshops and quarterly Jeremiah’s Place educational group meetings hosted during this time.
Months Three (3) Through Nine (9)
Following the first 90 days, Alumni will meet monthly with the Program Director for case management and to monitor progress. It is the hope that during this final six- month interval, the individual families can structure their transition more successfully.  At the end of their nine months, a “graduation” will take place where families and loved ones can attend a ceremony to celebrate their successes. 

Quarterly Group Meets

Quarterly group meets on campus will be required for those participating in the alumni program.  These group meets will be also open for current residents living at Jeremiah’s Place.  Each quarterly meet discussions are led by a licensed facilitator (counselor/professional).  Discussions are interactive and include topics of interest including transition pitfalls, obstacles, successes and achievements from the alumni individuals. Current residents will also have a time to discuss their journey and ask questions/discuss topics on the transition process.  During this time, residents receive insight from those who have already walked their path and can gather information on how to better handle different situations brought on by the transition. This resource offers encouraging, uplifting, and inspiring mentorship interactions between both the alumni and current families of Jeremiah’s Place seeking a path to financial independence.

Prosperity Tomorrow Alumni Case Management 

Continued case management will be the focus of the Prosperity Tomorrow program.  Once a family finds residency off-site, our Director of Programs and Associate Director will continue the participants individualized case management similar to the program during their transitional housing stay at Jeremiah’s Place.  These bi-weekly and/or monthly meetings are imperative for the success of each family and are mandatory to ensure the family’s continual involvement within the program. 
At each visit, the Program Director performs the following:
●      Continues to define goals and ensures success of completing each goal                    
●      Follows the development plan tailored to the family during the transitional program
●      Assists with personal budgets
●      Ensures transportation needs continue to be met
●      Ensures childcare needs continue to be met
●      Provide assistance navigating the community resources and services
●      Assists with medical, mental, and emotional services as needed.
●      Encourages and ensures alumni partake in Jeremiah’s Place quarterly meeting and helpful workshops.

Our Financial Empowerment Program

The long-term goal is to continue to empower our families to continue to succeed once they leave Jeremiah’s Place. Part of the nine-month Prosperity Tomorrow program includes a financial empowerment program which continues to educate individuals beyond the transitional housing program at Jeremiah’s Place. 

Our financial empowerment programs consist of the following:
●      Providing financial literacy classes
●      Assisting with filing Income Tax Returns
●      Banking
●      Savings
●      Building credit/Credit reports
●      Budgeting
●      Couponing/Shopping with a budget
●      Micro-loans, micro-enterprises, or matched savings/Individual Developmental accounts programs
●      Economic advocacy
●      Collaborating with community agencies including (but not limited to) local literacy programs and local libraries.
●      Conducting extensive outreach in the community so that in addition to homeless families gaining economic empowerment services at Jeremiah’s Place, families will have the opportunity to connect with local literacy programs, GED programs, English as a Second Language programs, and other identified referral sources.
●      Case management.

Our Community Partners
Through the Jeremiah’s Place Alumni Program, families at Jeremiah’s Place will continue to be connected to the following resources on an as-needed basis.

Reaching Out To Us

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If you need assistance with housing, please visit our transitional housing program information page.

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