What Is That Smell?

Did you happen to pass through downtown last Tuesday?  The smell was otherworldly.  As I moved from errand to errand, I was consumed by it.  It was a distractingly, unusual aroma, not common in our little community.  As errands dwindled, the smell increased, beckoning me to investigate.  Finally, about 4 pm, I found the first … Read more

A Story of Hope and Restoration

My First Breath: The Story of Carl Gibson Our own Carl Gibson shares his story of overcoming addiction along with restoration of life and family. This visual testimony will bring you and your family lots of hope, no matter what challenges you’re facing. Visit My First Breath to see a preview.

I Can’t

When our clients first move in, and we start to set up goals, we are met with responses like: “I couldn’t possibly apply for that job. I am not good with computers.” “I don’t take my kids outside. My son has autism and tries to run off.” “I don’t feel comfortable taking online tests.” “I … Read more

Thankful for our community

“The greatness of a community is most accurately measured by the compassionate actions of its members” – Coretta Scott King. And we just had the opportunity to experience the goodness of our community through our recent Spaghetti Supper fundraiser. For several weeks in advance, we had the privilege of joining together with churches and community … Read more

Little Mama’s Hero

This may be the coolest one yet. Hands down, one of the greatest blessings about working at Jeremiah’s Place is seeing the hand of God at work. I literally have to sift through all of the testimonies each month to pick which one is the coolest. Get the tissues, this is a good one! Every … Read more

Have you ever worked in a chocolate factory?

How do we do it?! (Apologies to all English teachers for my inappropriate grammar.) On the outside it may seem like things flow seamlessly at Jeremiah’s Place. On the inside, I am reminded of a scene of Lucille Ball and Ethel working in a candy factory. Just when they think they are getting the hang of … Read more

Expecting great things in 2023

Dear Friends, As we start this new year, you may be thinking about what you expect or hope for the year ahead. I would like to share with you several of my expectations for 2023. After all, great intentions follow great expectations, right? In this new year, I expect that … Our clients will leave … Read more

Thank you for partnering with us

Dear Friends and Faithful Supporters, I hope this letter finds you and your family wonderfully blessed and full of gratitude for everything this year has presented to you. As the new executive director of North Georgia Interfaith Ministries – Jeremiah’s Place, I want you to know that we are incredibly grateful for your friendship and … Read more

Homes for the homeless on the move

Below is a reprint of a recent article in the Dahlonega Nugget by Sharon Hall: Four duplex homes were loaded onto steel I-beams and trundled out of Dahlonega [to a nearby property] recently. The move represents the latest, and perhaps biggest step in North Georgia Interfaith Ministries’ (NGIM) goal of providing temporary housing for Lumpkin … Read more