The causes of homelessness are many — insufficient income, unanticipated eviction, emergencies, poor financial practices, lack of affordable housing. Homeless families stay with relatives, in their cars, in tents, and under bridges.

Jeremiah’s Place provides our families with a clean, safe, and stable place to live while they work to create productive lives. We address the basic and individual human needs of each family upon entry to our program, during their stay, and upon exiting the program. We also connect families with community, faith-based, and public resources and provide follow-up services. All services are free to our families.

Our program term is 30 days/60 days/90 days. As part of a transition plan, families who join us at Jeremiah’s Place must follow strict guidelines. During their stay, our resident families receive rent-free and utility-free housing while agreeing to follow program guidelines, find and maintain full-time employment, attend life skills classes, participate in community living, and follow a strict budget plan.

Families meet weekly with the program director for case management and to monitor progress. At each 30-day interval, the housing committee will meet with the individual families and check in on progress, obstacles, challenges, successes, etc. We have qualified/degreed volunteers who are available to meet with the families to provide counseling, budgeting, how to shop with food stamps, etc. We also provide educational programs on general life skills such as cooking, job preparation, interviewing skills, how to dress for interviews, parenting guidance, government applications, and educational advancement.

When families transition out of Jeremiah’s Place, they can continue to receive services as outreach participants.

Our Intake Process

Individuals inquiring about housing at Jeremiah’s Place come from a variety of community partner referrals as well as general phone inquiries from the families. Anyone is welcome to call our hotline at 706-867-5404 for a phone interview.  If they meet our program qualifications, we schedule an intake assessment, where our programs are explained in length. These assessments are then forwarded to our housing committee who personally interview the families. Contributing factors to housing these families are the number of available units and/or immediate needs, and the extent of their situation. Once the family has been chosen, we complete a drug test and a background check, and they are assigned a unit and they admitted to the program.

Our Transitional Housing Program

Once accepted into Jeremiah’s Place, the family/resident starts the Transitional Housing Program, which is set up in 30-day increments for a maximum of 90 days. Initially, a family is accepted into our program with the understanding that it is for 30 days. From there, we evaluate their situation as well as their adherence to our program requirements. If a family is not in compliance with our program they are asked to leave. If they are following the objectives of their residential stay at Jeremiah’s Place, we extend their stay an additional 30 days. During this time, the Program Director works with the family to complete a long-range plan to determine the affordability of permanent housing. The Program Director also works on an exit plan for each family, readying them for exit after 90 days.

During their second 30-day stay, staff works with housing opportunity searches. Most of the families have a multitude of barriers preventing them from being eligible for outside low-income housing due to evictions or criminal records. Those without records or evictions are then placed on a waiting list. Those not eligible must acquire housing that is not low income or from a private owner. Most of the low-income housing have a waiting list of six months and up to two years.

Case Management

Once a family resides onsite at Jeremiah’s Place, our Director of Programs and Associate Director begins the process of case management. They meet weekly with the Program Director for case management and to monitor progress.  Those weekly meetings are imperative for the success of each family and are mandatory to ensure the family’s continual involvement within the program. At each visit, the Program Director performs the following:

• A Basic Needs Assessment
• Defines goals and development plans specific to each family
• Assists with personal budgets
• Assistance securing sustainable employment
• Assistance securing affordable housing
• Determines transportation needs are met
• Determines childcare needs are met
• Provides assistance navigating the community resources and services
• Assists with medical, mental and emotional services needed
• And finally, (if applicable) determines spiritual needs for family/resident

Please note: After a resident has successfully completed Phase One of the program, if applicable, they can apply for Jeremiah’s Place Extended Stay Program.This housing program is available on a first come/first serve basis in which the family is eligible for up to one year.

Our Financial Empowerment Program

The long-term goal is to empower our families to go back to school, find sustained employment, teach them financial stability and assist them throughout their participation in our programs while utilizing the resources available to them during their stay at Jeremiah’s Place. Our financial empowerment programs consist of:

• Providing financial literacy classes
• Assisting with filing Income Tax Returns
• Banking
• Savings
• Building credit/Credit reports
• Budgeting
• Couponing/Shopping with a budget
• Microloans, micro-enterprises, or matched savings/Individual Developmental accounts programs
• Assisting homeless families with identifying and securing affordable housing.
• Assisting homeless families with identifying and attaining their employment goals.
• Economic advocacy
• Collaborating with community agencies including, but not limited to: local literacy programs, career centers, Job Links, Dress for Success programs and local libraries.
• Conducting extensive outreach in the community so that in addition to homeless families gaining economic empowerment services at Jeremiah’s Place, families will be connected with local literacy programs, GED programs, English as Second Language programs and other identified referral sources.
• Ongoing case management

Our Qualifications

  1. Our transitional housing program serves Lumpkin County. (We are not an emergency shelter.)
  2. Adults must already have and maintain 35-40 hours per week of employment.
  3. Adults must have their own reliable car.
  4. Participants must have a desire to participate in a program and a willingness to follow all program guidelines. Program participants must be able to attend weekly sessions with staff for life skills, case management, and budgeting. These will be scheduled around participants’ work commitments.

If you are seeking a transitional housing program and you meet the above qualifications, please complete the form below and send it back to us at If you have questions or need further info, please call our office at 706-867-5404. Thanks.

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