Thank you for partnering with us

Dear Friends and Faithful Supporters,

I hope this letter finds you and your family wonderfully blessed and full of gratitude for everything this year has presented to you. As the new executive director of North Georgia Interfaith Ministries – Jeremiah’s Place, I want you to know that we are incredibly grateful for your friendship and support of Jeremiah’s Place. Without you, our transitional housing program would not be the incredible gift to our community that it is. It is because of you and your heart towards us that individuals and families, previously homeless, have experienced transformation and new possibilities this year.

When I see a single mom exhale because she doesn’t have to figure out where she and her three kids are staying tonight, I think about how you have blessed us with your time, gifts, and talents.

When I see a parent graduating from drug court and being reunited with their children, I am reminded of the privilege that we have to be a part of this chapter in the lives of others.

When I take two residents to a dinner celebration, to hear their testimonies of how God has cared for them from homelessness to their own home, I think of your families and how you are helping to meet the dreams of these families in transition.

When I see a family move in, distraught and distressed, and leave three months later with a new baby, new job, and money in their savings account, I think of the tears and anxiety of their first meeting, and how just a few short months gave them the strength and confidence to start their own home outside of our facility.

Because of your gifts to North Georgia Interfaith Ministries – Jeremiah’s Place, homeless families and individuals are able to:

Get their GED, a college degree, a trade, a new job.
Get their children back from DFCS.
Build a strategy for family, home, parenting, marriage, finances, and savings.
Reintegrate into their own home.

Most importantly, your donations have provided strategies and hope to otherwise hopeless families, children, victims of generational poverty, women who have escaped domestic violence, and individuals coming out of jail, looking for a second chance through drug court.

You are helping the people you’re standing in line with at Walmart, the people in the parent pickup line at school, and many others who would probably remind you of your brother, sister, mom, and dad.

Thanks to you, the kids that your children or grandchildren play with on the playground have a warm bed, a crockpot full of food, and their mommas can sleep at night, knowing their family is warm, safe, and secure. Parents can start planning their future as opposed to being stuck in the past.

Your support has gotten them off the streets and helped them create a strategy to leave better than they came.

We have seen and experienced firsthand your heart for our families, programs, and community, and we are grateful. We are thrilled with the new programs that are being implemented, the success of our families, and the leverage we are gaining in our community for the sake of our families. We are blessed to say that all our pantry is full, and our families are well-covered for Christmas! And we couldn’t have done any of these things without your prayers, love, and support.

In closing, thanks again. We are grateful. We look forward to partnering with you in whatever capacity God allows. We promise, we will commit to praying for you as well.

God Bless!

Kerri Johnson
Executive Director
North Georgia Interfaith Ministries – Jeremiah’s Place

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